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4 months ago724.34 MB5,863659
4 months ago724.34 MB5,123621
3 months ago724.34 MB5,007562
3 months ago1.38 GB4,1291,762
3 months ago1.15 GB1,093436
1 Year+785.35 MB768367
3 months ago1.23 GB679216
4 months ago1.94 GB591806
3 months ago2.38 GB571910
Last Month1.46 GB463259
Last Month1.06 GB432289
25 days ago1.37 GB415490
3 months ago1.71 GB367243
Last Month958.22 MB354230
4 months ago4.41 GB349614
Last Month9.73 GB337265
15 days ago975.28 MB33730
3 months ago724.34 MB33247
4 months ago876.17 MB323243
1 Year+231.38 MB27773
3 months ago2.44 GB275127
Last Month1.33 GB275183
Last Month55.53 GB246310
3 months ago1.71 GB235162
3 months ago1.38 GB231116
4 months ago1.94 GB227218
Last Month6.01 GB225178
Last Month2.55 GB222391
4 months ago1.94 GB221192
Last Month1.87 GB218367
3 months ago518.7 MB217112
4 months ago745.24 MB215446
3 months ago1.08 GB197355
Last Month1.9 GB189254
4 months ago789.36 MB186158
Last Month5.22 GB18388
Last Month2.12 GB18171
Last Month1.63 GB180391
3 months ago1.52 GB179125
4 months ago916.25 MB173213
3 months ago1.04 GB168207
Last Month1.43 GB165428
Last Month746.92 MB16416
1 Year+37.21 MB16131
Last Month10.88 GB156356
12 days ago15.38 GB14578